You will be examining the data-set labelled AutoDiscount2y15, which has tracked automobile sales records, keeping track of some information about the purchaser (gender, income [units, $], and age [units, years]) as well as the discount (advertised price l

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Earn up to 15 additional marks (to be credited to your final mark) by following the Plan/Do/Report style when producing your answers — note that the Guided examples which appear in every chapter provide illustrations of how to apply to Plan/Do/Report style. (see page 132- and 170- for some brief guidance for producing graphs, and/or summary statistics).
1. [4 marks] Using an appropriate display examine the male (labelled as 1�s) and female (labelled as 0�s) distribution among …
a) … all purchasers
b) … purchasers 45 years of age or older
Note: Be sure to label your axes and provide a proper title and caption. Caption should describe to reader, what the figure depicts.
2. [6 marks] Examine the variable discount,
a) Using an appropriate graphical display being sure to label carefully, and
being sure to describe its shape.
b) Summarize the distribution quantitatively by providing the relevant summary statistics (only those relevant to this course).
3. [6 marks] Re-examine question (2) by comparing the distribution of discount secured by females versus that secured by males. Use a graphical display most appropriate for the purposes of comparison.
a) Comment on the results
b) Provide descriptive statistics to support your comments
4. [5 marks] Examine the relationship between age and income using an appropriate graphical display. Provide appropriate quantitative summaries. Discuss and interpret the result (does it make sense). Recommend how one might examine whether the relationship differs between males and females.
5. [4 marks] Produce a correlation matrix, including all quantitative variables. Interpret the correlation matrix. What would happen if you included Sex as one of the variables in your correlation matrix computation?