You see a homeless mother and child on the street. Out of pure sympathy, you buy them a hot meal. Kant would argue that your act was not of the highest moral value. Why would he say that? Do you agree with him?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements




At the top of your essay include your name, the date and the word count.

Essay should be 400 words long, give or take 25 words. This is a strict requirement and is meant to help you write clearly and concisely.

Make each sentence clear; make each word count.

Essay must have a clear thesis statement, which should appear in the first paragraph. Please underline your thesis.

Essay should include at least one argument in support of your thesis, a objection to that argument, and a brief response to the objection. 

Refer to the text and cite specific passages, but avoid quoting. I want to hear your voice.

Use Chicago citation style.

Textbook we use in the course is A New HIstory of Western Philosophy, Volume 3, “The Rise of Modern Philosophy” by Anthony Kenny. ISBN: 978-0-19-875277-6

Referencing this textbook is enough and in-text citation is required. 

Please let me know if you need further information. This is my first time taking a philosophy class. As a science major student, I am clueless to what I should be writing in these essays and the best I have gotten is a B in one out of three essays. I need to get a good grade on this one since I can’t afford to lose my GPA to a lower one, and I haven’t gotten the time to give much in this course as I also have 4 other upper level biology finals.