You are to assume the role of a HR consultant who has been appointed by your case study company

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Assignment Brief: Individual Assignment
You will be assessed via a case study based project. This will require you to set the management of human resources within an organisational, societal and commercial context. You will assume the role of a consultant acting on behalf of your chosen organisation. The purpose of this assignment is to develop knowledge and understanding of HRM in context using the practical application of a case study.

The Tasks
You are to assume the role of a HR consultant who has been appointed by your case study company. (pick the company ,you have to decide about which organization you are going to write.)You have been asked to write a 2,500 word report – (excluding reference) covering the following:

Investigate and analyse how the organisation’s internal and external environments impacts upon its HRM policies and practices. (This is worth 70% of the final mark).
Predict future trends which may have an impact on the organisation and its employees in the next decade. You need to justify your predictions and indicate what impact they may have upon the organisation’s future HRM practices. (This is worth 30% of the final mark).

1. Select an organisation of your choice on which to base your research. For example, it may be an organisation known personally to you; one that you are interested in working for; or one that is topical.
2. Conduct the relevant research (see Task Section).
3. Write up the report addressing ALL the relevant issues and answering both questions from the Task Section.

Hints and tips for the process of investigation :
Ensure you have sound knowledge & enough information about your chosen case study organisation (a SWOT analysis may help here)
Investigate and analyse the external influences for your case study organisation (conduct a PESTLE analysis)
Evaluate the impact of the organisation’s environment on HRM & HRD (or how the organisation’s context affects HRM) e.g.
Focus on the key issues facing your case study company – these will be different for each & every organisation but you should have at least 5-6 key issues.
b. Take each issue and predict the impact this has or could have on the organisation’s HRM policies and practices.
Predict future trends which may have an impact e.g. proposed legislation; economic predictions; changes to education policy; changes to demographics; changes to political systems & governments

Hints and Tips
This is a research assignment – clear evidence of having researched the topic and read relevant sources is therefore necessary. Use the University’s library resources as well as external sources of information. Primary research should be conducted wherever possible.
You will receive support to complete this assignment during the taught element of this module. You are advised to take full advantage of these sessions and prepare accordingly and as directed for the support sessions.
You should write the assignment up in report style format with introductions, subsections, conclusions, recommendations etc. of 2500 words in length.
You must identify ALL your sources of information and reference your material using the Harvard Referencing System. A full bibliography and references section is needed at the end of your report – you will lose marks if you do not reference properly.

Sources of Information
Course textbooks
Lectures & tutorials
Statistical data e.g. Government surveys, Mintel, Social Trends
Academic & Practitioner Journals
CD Roms
Annual reports
Policy documents e.g. Trade unions, TUC, political parties, European Union, CBI
The internet
National Newspapers
Interviews e.g. with employees, managers, customers