You are required to research and develop your own case study material for this assignment

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Please ensure to consider two operational techniques for Part B as indicated in the coursework document. Also, for Part C you will need to consider to analyse and validate the models indicated in Part B. You also need to submit the excel file with the solved models.


You are required to research and develop your own case study material for this assignment. The case study can be a company based case study, or can be adopted and adapted from literature (Logistics, Supply Chain and Operational Research Journals), or can include examples from your past experience. Where a full case study or parts of the case study are being compiled from published, secondary material youare  required to reference this appropriately.


Steps to follow:


  1. Determine a theoretical framework on which you are going to base your case study. Describe the case study as part of a supply chain system. Evaluate the supply chain case study and determine the critical issues within this case study (for example high inventory level, low customer service level, high transport cost, unreliable forecast, discrepancy between sales forecast and real sales, inappropriate use of performance measures, and so on).

(30 marks)


  1. A minimum of two operational techniques must be identified and detailed at this point (use a selection from the following: simulation models with ARENA, forecasting models, transportation models, assignment models, transshipment models, distribution planning, network flow models and vehicle scheduling models). Only techniques studied in the module BHT4009 are accepted.


Describe the theoretical aspects related to your selected operational techniques in the context of your case study. Determine which performance measures you are going to work with. Indicate the performance measures you are going to analyse in the context of your supply chain case study. Define the model and provide a numerical solution which would indicate an improvement on your performance measures.

(40 marks)


  1. Critically analyse and  validate your proposed model/models and results. Present your conclusions and give recommendations for the future.
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  1. Reflecting on your experience of doing this assignment, provide a self-evaluation on how preparing for this assignment helped you in your understanding of the supply chain modelling techniques. Please note: the answer to this question is a personal one so this part will not be assessed. However, it will be taken to form part of the overall evaluation intended to ascertain your understanding of the contributions of supply chain modelling. This evaluation may be considered for the overall module evaluation and research. There will be no reference to your name if any information provided within this report is used in research.