Written Reflection

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Assignment 4: Due date 21st October 2013.
Written reflection. This assignment has two parts. It is worth 40% overall.
You need to complete both parts.
Part 1. Supervision (Approximately 1000 words) (20%)
As a social practice student developing good supervisory practice knowledge will be essential in preparation for your field work practicum. In this reflection you are asked to describe and discuss the following tasks. You will need to make reference to your reading of both the lectures and the readings on moodle demonstrating your ability to support your ideas from your reading.
Task 1:
Task: Discuss and reflect on the main functions of supervision in social practice. This needs to include your understanding of the Reflective process in supervision.
Task 2:
Background – Making a contract with your supervisor at the beginning of your placement is a useful way to record the specific expectations of supervision and the supervisory relationship.
Task: What expectations might you as a student want to negotiate with your supervisor when you go on placement. Include in this your expectations around the placement assessment process.
Task 3:
Task: Describe the factors that you think will contribute to a good supervisory relationship for you.
Background – There is the notion of a “good supervisory relationship”. You need to consider your own uniqueness in terms of your culture and ethnicity, gender, the way you learn, and what you value. You also need to consider the skills and knowledge you need to develop to become an effective social practitioner.

Task 4:
Background – Feedback is an important component of learning and teaching during supervision. It is important to understand the purpose of feedback, and notice how you respond to receiving feedback and what the components of constructive feedback would be for you.
Task: Discuss the purpose of feedback, how you respond to feedback and provide an example of feedback you have received that was helpful to you.
Task 5:
Please include a reference list at the end of your reflection.

Part 2 Mapping your Support system (20%)
In preparation for your field work placement next year it is essential to consider the support you might need to make this a successful and constructive learning opportunity. Your field work practicum is the essence of your training in social practice.
You need to submit both your support map and your discussion of the questions (approximately 500 words).
Task 1:
Background – This exercise asks you to draw a map of your support system, examine any possible sources of stress and how you might manage it. You could draw on the symbols that you learnt about in eco-mapping.
Task: In the middle of your diagram, (either computer generated or a drawing) draw a symbol or picture of yourself. Then around this picture or symbol draw pictures, diagrams, symbols or words to represent all the things and people that support you in your learning. These may be walking, books you read, friends, whanau, spiritual beliefs etc.
In your picture represent the nature of the connection to these supports, Are they near or far away. Is the link strong, or regular?
Task 2:
When you have completed your initial map take a different colour and draw in any obstacles that prevent you from fully using these supports or that stops you from getting the support that you need. (for example it could be the inaccessibility of supports or your fear of asking for help).
Task 3:
Reflect on your picture now and write the answers to the following questions.
1. Is this the kind of support you want?
2. Is it enough?
3. What sort of support is missing?
4. How could you go about getting it?
5. What support is really positive for you that you would like to maintain?
6. Are there some blocks that you could reduce?
Task 4:
Develop an action plan as to how you might improve your support system. This needs to include what you are going to do and how and when you are going to do it.