Written Assessment 2 – Legal concepts

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


CURRENT references no more than 5yrs old.
Minimum of 5 Journal references.
ALL information and referencing MUST BE AUSTRALIAN ONLY.
In-text referencing (using APA) MUST BE USED.
2500 WORD LIMIT, BUT CAN BE 2750 (MAXIMUM) as per criteria.



Task Description Assessment item:Legal concepts

Word Length: 2500 words


Task:Using an essay format, analyse the newspaper report of the Sydney grandmother who died following a medication error where an RN incorrectly administered medication via intravenous therapy. Discuss the situation in relation to the concept of negligence.  In addition, discuss if the nurse’s supervisor should or should not initiate mandatory reporting to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.Ensure you include terms and concepts from the Legal modules encountered in NURS11155. References should use Australian sources as this situation occurred in Australia.


The newspaper report can be found at http://www.theage.com.au/national/sydney-grandmother-who-died-after-nurses-error-was-already-at-deaths-door-court-hears-20150222-13lim1.html


Suggested approach: Ensure you define negligence and the requirements necessary to prove negligence. Argue if these requirements are evident in the newspaper report or not. You will need to use Australian case law, Australian legislation and Australian professional standards as sources of evidence in your discussion.

Your submission presentation should include:

  • Title page (including details of your name, student number, course code and name, lecturer’s name, term and year and assignment number)
  • Abstract (information on abstract writing can be found on Moodle in the folder assessment information)
  • Essay with well constructed paragraphs with correct use of grammar and Australian spelling (information on essay writing can be found on Moodle in the folder assessment information)
  • Use the Referencing Legal Sources.pdf (in the Assessment information folder on Moodle) to cite case law and legislation as sources of evidence and to list them in a reference list. Use the APA Guide to cite professional standards and to list them in a reference list.