Writing Job Application and CV

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3014LAL Semester 1, 2014

Assignment – Writing Job application and CV (40%)



Due Date: Wednesday, 30 April 2014(Please bring a hardcopy of your assignment to the lecture on the day)


Task:  Write a job application and a CV in English (40%)

(Please refer to the course material on this topic).


♦  Find a job ad with selection criteria from a newspaper/Internet or other sources in English published in 2014.  The job should be the one that you feel you are qualified for or that you would like to have. (3 marks)


♦  Write an application letter in English for the job and your letter must  address 3 of the selection criteria in the ad. Minimum number of words for the letter is 600 words. (25 marks)


Prepare a CV of yourself in English and attach it to the application letter. (12 marks)


Assessment Criteria


You must respond appropriately to:


  • Register (language used for a particular purpose or in a particular social setting) – formality and politeness
  • Organisation – clear and logical
  • Style – concise and clear
  • Content – relevant and complete
  • Format – application and cv formats
  • English language – grammatically correct and appropriate



  • The application letter and cv must be printed on A4 paper.
  • You must hand in (1) a copy of the job ad, (2) cv and (3) application letter, all in printed hardcopy.