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For assignment 2 you will be doing the research to develop the content for your full website project.

Your research will explore the concept of ‘place’ as in this place, be it the university, the city, the area. In order to do this you will consider an idea OR an object OR an experience that helps define for you a sense of THIS place.

As a brief example, one way to think about it is by considering the act of taking the ferry (which could be an object or an experience depending on how you think about it). This is just an example and not necessarily what your project will be about (other examples will be given in class but you are to come up with your own personal one for your website).

What does it mean to take the ferry?

How does it create a sense of place for you while you live on Vancouver Island?

How can you interpret the ferry and then convey this interpretation through your web project?

What to do:

  1. Pick an idea/object/experience

  2. Think about how the thing you picked contributes to how you feel about living/being here

  3. Write down what you think, everything you can

  4. Organize what you think into groups (for example, if I talk about descriptive things like what something looks like I would group those together; if I talk about feelings, I group those together, etc.)

  5. Pick the group(s) that give you the strongest sense of how the thing you picked helps you make sense of where you live (here)

  6. Go back to assignment 1, the web survey, and think about how you can organize your research/analysis into ‘web type’ structures; these will be the basis of your actual website project

  7. Consider using what you do in question 6 to create a ‘sketch’ or ‘mockup’ of your actual website.

Write this up in an essay style or as a report, not by telling me everything you thought of throughout your research, but by focusing on the information that you plan to convey from your research onto your final website.

This will likely be no less than 2 pages in length and often it is much longer than that.

  1. Hand it in at the drop box located in Unit 5.