Write a reflection of what you gained from the speaker's visit.

Order Instructions/Description

Listen to audio recording and write a reflection of what you gained from the speaker’s visit. So Reflections should be at least 2 pages, double-spaced and must include:
1. A short summary of the talk (with appropriate factual information)

  1. A description of your understanding of why their particular research topic is important

  2. Your personal reflection on the seminar. This can include topics such as: how the seminar relates to your own research or stimulated your thinking about science, elements of presentation style, and/or how effective the speaker was.

This link down for the audio record >>>

1-I attached a copy of the speaker’s Paper “Geochemical drivers of organic matter decomposition in Arctic tundra soil”.
2- I am attaching a well-written example paper to help you. This should help you understand what we are looking for in these papers