WP2: Evaluation of a Pop Culture Text

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WP2: Evaluation of a Pop Culture Text                           

For this assignment, you’ll be asked to look at a single “pop culture text” and evaluate the text based on criteria that you create.Your paper will need to come to a conclusion about the text—such as a summation of the good and bad points or a star ranking.  For this assignment you will:


  • Choose a single, new “pop culture text.” Here, I am using the term “text” broadly to mean any tangible piece of language or art.  Examples of a pop culture text might include a movie, TV episode, book, or piece of art.  I’m open to other possibilities, but please check with me before beginning your project.  The text must be new to you, meaning that you have not seen, heard, or read the text before the beginning of the project.  The text could be newly released or just one that you’ve never experienced before.
  • Develop a set of criteria on which to judge the text. The criteria should match the type of text that you’ve selected.  For example, a horror movie might have very different criteria (make up, music, scariness) than a romantic comedy (humor, love story, chemistry between actors).
  • Support all evaluations of the criteria with specific examples from the text. For example, if you’ve chosen a song or album and state that it has good lyrics, include a quotation of lyrics you find particularly good.  If you’ve chosen a movie and state that it has poor special effects, include a picture of the bad effects (if possible).
  • Come to some conclusion about the text. This may come in many forms.  For example, you may simply summarize the good and bad points, you may give the text a star ranking, or you may give the text a grade.
  • Include a link where people can view, read, or listen to your text if possible. Please only use legal links.  Links to sites where people can purchase the text are acceptable if there is no place to sample the text for free.


Minimum Length:

  • First drafts must be a minimum of 1000 words.
  • Revised and final drafts most be a minimum of 1300 words and should include a 200-word reflection letter.


Reflection Letter: Reflection letters will need to be included in the revised and final drafts.  In these letters, write about what you have changed in your new draft and what you are struggling with.  Consider including information about your writing process.


Audience: A person who would be interested in that genre of text.  The reader will have some knowledge of the other texts in the genre but will not know a lot about this particular text.


Additional requirements: All drafts must be typed, double-spaced, and in Times New Roman 12-point font.  Please use 1-inch margins.  All documents should be posted in the My Docs section of MyASU.  Files must be named with your name, the writing project number, and the draft (i.e. “Ryan Shepherd WP2 First Draft”).



Your assignment will be graded on the following:


  • Choice of Criteria: The criteria are clear and are appropriate for the type of text that you’ve selected.
  • Evaluation of Criteria: Each criterion is evaluated for good and bad points. This evaluation is based on compelling reasons drawn from the text.
  • Support for Evaluations: The evaluation of each criterion includes specific examples from the text when possible. This may come in the form of quotes, screen shots, pictures, and so on.
  • Final Conclusion about the Text: A final conclusion about the text is given. This conclusion is supported by evaluations of the criteria. For example, a review in which each of the criteria is judged negatively should have a negative conclusion.
  • Content Organization: You have organized the content of your writing project in a reasonable way. Your information is easy to understand, and your points are easy to follow.  There is both an introduction and a conclusion. The content is organized so as to present the information effectively.  Paragraphs are ordered in such a way that they cannot be reordered at random, but instead provide logical transitions between ideas.
  • Attention to Assignment: You adhere to the assignment as presented above, including main objectives, word count, attention to audience, and the additional requirements. You clearly understand what the assignment is asking you to do and are attempting to do it.
  • Manuscript preparation: You have made changes between drafts that reflect attention to both instructor and peer comments. You have made an effort to improve your paper.


First drafts are due onThursday, June 6th, by 11:59 PM.

Revised drafts are due onWednesday, June 12th by 6:10 PM.

Final drafts are due onThursday, June 13th by 8:15 PM.