World War I nadir

Stokesbury uses the term “nadir of the war” to indicate that 1916-1917 were the lowest points of the war and presaged its coming end. Each of these 6 chapters tells the story of one aspect of a continually eroding war and domestic situation. Pick out four chapters to read and then write a paragraph about what happened that is illustrative of the collapsing situation. Title each of the four paragraphs. Use a date(s) in each paragraph title. This review will practice, as in Review 1, telling the story of what happened and then analyzing it in terms of demonstrating the continuing deterioration of the war effort and the failure to find a victor. As in the last two weeks work, we will concentrate on writing clearly and effectively. Avoid summarizing. Instead, pick out information that illustrates the point you are making (which is the deteriorating situation). Be ruthless in discarding extraneous material not germane to your points. Make sure to use dates, people’s names, places, incidents, cause and effect relationships. As in Thread 2 you might add an introduction and conclusion after you have written the four paragraphs that tie the paragraphs together. In this case the introduction would explain the general topic (nadir of war in 1916-1917) and the four topics that will illustrate it. The concluding paragraph would be an analysis of how and why this war came to be so vicious and destructive, but without end. In summary, chapter 13 discusses the failure of naval campaigns. Chapter 14 tells the story of desperate campaigns in Africa and Turkey. Chapter 15 describes the effects of growing resource shortages. Chapter 16 and the lecture describe the revolution in Russia that toppled the regime and led to Russia’s withdrawal from the war. Chapter 17 describes the desperate attempt by Germany to end the British blockade by renewing submarine warfare. Growing defections and refusal on the part of soldiers to fight is described in Chapter 18. Along the way many smaller countries that had been drawn into the war with promises of spoils of war, withdrew. Remember, the point of this essay in each paragraph is to demonstrate the declining nature of war (nadir) in 1916-1917.