Women’s History Homework

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Based on reading of chapter 8( please make sure all answers are based on readings from chapter8  only) in our Through Women’s Eyes textbook, authors Ellen Carol DuBois and Lynn Dumenil, answer the following questions. Be sure to type your answers using this sheet. Remember to write in complete developed sentences. Questions need to be answered , though not just in a literal sense, but in addition with more than the occasional example as evidence in support of the answer. The explanations provided must be well beyond the minimum and suggested a clear, confident, nuanced, and full understanding of the key issues raised by the questions. The paper should be neat and readable and totally in conformity with college level work. Remember, you’re not just answering a question, but providing a thoughtful explanation supported with detail.

1. What specific causes did the “devastating social consequences of industrial capitalism” drive reformers and activists to target for reform during the Progtressive Era?
2. How did women progressives manage to exercise political influence at a time when most did not have the right to vote?
3. How did racial segregation actually create certain employment opportunities for some black women? How did Madam C.J. Walker use her success to support black women?
4. What were the basic aims of the women’s organized labor movement? How did the tragedy of the Triangle Factory fire support their claims?
5. What was “maternalism” and what issue did it target for reform? Was it successful?
6. How did the suffrage movement in the twentieth century develop an “extremely broad class base”?
7. In what ways was feminism a “rejection of Gilded Age middle-class notions of sexual restraint”? How did the birth control movement support the basic feminist stance?