Wind Turbine Maintenance & Condition Monitoring

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Critical Reflection and Discussion!
After your exploration of individual works in the Introduction, you should then use this section to provide a critical reflection of that information and to provide a practical connection to something that one (or more of your group) may have experienced or is related to maintenance of a product or physical system. For example, your Introduction is used to explore the literature on marine system maintenance. However, if you have no practical experience in this field, you can then select one specific case study (e.g., let’s say a well known and costly failure of the propulsion system on a ship due to poor maintenance) and then critically reflect and discuss this in the light of your exploration of the wider literature (through the Introduction).!
This section should (i) ‘integrate’ what you have explored in the literature and establish links between the information presented (in the Introduction) and a practical example of your choice. (ii) The example selected can be based upon a specific plant department, facility, task or situation you have selected. Your example should be very well described (setting, conditions, explanations, history). You will then (iii) go beyond that to ‘resolve’ some specific ways in which the practical aspects you had experienced should have been changed or developed in order to constitute more effective maintenance practices (based on the literature you have reviewed).!
The length of this section should be around 1000 words. The ‘Critical Reflection and Discussion’ will attract 30% of the total mark for the Review.