Why do people seem to be obsessed with "stars"? What makes the likes of Eddie Murphy, Johnny Depp or Drew Barrymore household names? What is it that acting and actors create for our society?

“Actors ennoble us. They provide the mirror, which is held up to nature to reveal the human beast in all its manifestations and all its dilemmas. They explore the human condition so that, with the aid of their diabolical collaborators, the writers, they reveal the meaning, the futility and the beauty of life. We understand why we are what we are because of actors. We can do without politicians. We can do without soldiers. We can do without businessmen. We can do without so many of the supposedly important cogs in the machine of life. But we cannot do without actors. Because without them, we would not know ourselves.” –Jeremy Brett (quoted by David Stuart Davies (Bending the Willow, Calabash Press, 2002)