Why Choose Us

  • Friendly Staff

We assure our esteemed customers of a fully equipped, 24/7 support team that will provide a customer service which is completely reliable, relevant and representative of excellence in academic industry standards. Ask us anything, we will listen, act and solve all your academic writing issues!

  • Re-writes are free

Usually, the re-write scenario does not happen in our company, because our writers receive comprehensive training that enables them to follow the assignment or thesis instructions in intricate detail. However, in case this happens, we will never deny the scenario and we will never make the customer compensate for it. We will always take great precaution that re-writing is not required and more so, if it happens we will get it done promptly, and for free, without any gaps, whatsoever. A re-write will be considered as an urgent assignment and it will be delivered promptly; of course without any charges!

  • Economical prices

Our academic writing solutions are priced according to the level of education, duration of delivery and complexity of assignment. In other words, our academic essay price is commensurate to the value that it delivers to the customer.

  • Excellent track record

We are in the business of providing academic writing solutions to the students located world-wide. Some of the countries in which our company delivers it services, since the year 2005, are Australia, Dubai, Singapore, USA, UK, Qatar, and Malaysia among other overseas education destinations. . It has been a powerful journey with its own set of challenges and excitement. We thoroughly researched and studied the academic industry mechanics in the year 2004 before entering the industry in the year 2005. Since 2005, we have strictly followed the industry standards such as on-time delivery and in most cases, we deliver in much advance. We believe that on-time is late!

Our proactive services have made us indispensable for our clients and we never stop delivering excellence! Our customers know we are good at what we do, and hence, we look forward to completing our one decade in the academic writing industry. We would like to complete our 10 years with the same enthusiasm and assertiveness that we portrayed in our starting year ‘2010’.