What life goals will XYZ university help you to achieve–and how?(100words) Why you are interested in attending XYZ University and what do you hope to contribute to our community?(150 words) How do you think you could enrich the diverse and inclusive community of XYZ University and what are your hopes for your college experience?(300 words)

Order Details;

There are 3 parts to the essay and each part needs to be written separately (they are not linked). Each part needs a new starting statement and conclusion (To be understood as diff essays).
The word limits for the 3 parts are 100,150,300 respectively!!!
I am going to include information about the universities of each of the part of the essay in the additional materials section.
The essay should be written from the point of view of a high school student but there should be use of amazing vocabulary (high quality) and grammar. There is no specific format for the essay.
Describe me as a desirable person using vocabulary that shows my positive qualities for example competitive,modest ,courageous,focused,genuine,solid,adaptable,ambitious,skilled etc.
The essay should be plagiarism free and it doesn’t require any sources. It is a personal essay/
Five important points for the writer:-
1. Relate to the topic (MAIN FOCUS). There are 3 parts with different topics.
2. The additional information I am providing needs to be included in the essay but the essay has to be written from scratch (I don’t want the given info written as it is)
3. Amazing vocabulary
4. The essay should make me look desirable

  1. Good use of language and grammar for example different transitional words.