What is the attitudes to grammatical change when using language?

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prepare students for doing final year dissertation;
help students to plan and undertake research projects in various topics within Linguistics and/or English Language
help students produce better Linguistics assignments by improving academic writing style, essay structuring, etc.
enhance students knowledge on how to analyse and present data by using diagrams, charts, graphs, etc., and also introducing students to basic statistical tests and concepts by using computer programs (e.g. SPSS or R);
introduce students to important theoretical research concepts such as the scientific method, hypotheses, research questions, etc.
introduce students to the methodological and ethical issues involved with linguistic research.
provide practice and knowledge in finding, reading, summarising and critically commenting on research articles & reports.

generate research questions and hypotheses relevant to issues in linguistic research;
relate to different research methodologies and identify a suitable method for a research
understand basic methodological and ethical issues pertaining to linguistic data collection
and analysis;
know how to find and refer to relevant academic literature;
understand how academic work is written and structured;
obtain a basic understanding of statistical procedures and their appropriateness in the
domain of linguistic research;
produce an acceptable dissertation proposal.