What is Hume's attack against causation?

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What is Hume’s attack against causation?
Why does the version of Consequentialism, Ethical Egoism, not meet the Moral Criteria of Adequacy?
Can a Kantian perfect duty be constructed to condemn the practice exhibited in the cartoon of fighting clones we viewed in class? (See Week 11’s folder for the cartoon.)
Short Essay (300-350 words)
Explain Kant’s synthetic a priori judgment, “Every event has a cause,” in terms of Dawkins’ talk. (Hint: Dawkins also has synthetic a priori judgments of a sort for many species in his talk. Students need to identify what one of those might be, and explain how it plays the same role in that species’ epistemology as causation does in ours.)
Long Essay (500-550 words)
Consider Scientology and LeGuin’s fictional town, Ornelas. How do reality and fantasy overlap in these two stories? (Think Utilitarianism.)
Now critique your identification of that overlap by using Feminist Ethics and/or an Ethic of Care.
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