What effect does the role of art within the context of revolution have in Tunisia during 2011?

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What effect does the role of art within the context of revolution have in Tunisia during 2011?
What effect does political art have in Tunisia during 2011?
Can street art affect political changes in regards to the Tunisia Revolution and what impact does this social movement have on people regardless where they are living?
How do people feel or perceive by the political artwork?
Why are people doing it?
Do revolutionary ideas portray through art?
Look into the
-Impact of art
-Place of art
-Role of art
What is the early stage of protest in Tunisia?
What are the places where revolution took place and where the place that the protest takes place are they itself different?
Collect body of materials before analyzing
When researching Tunisia 2011 find image that are in relation to
The Flag
Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
Everything else (wall graffiti, posters, signs)
All of these images to be in relation to the revolution, protest or the art.
Find entire images from different sources
Flag is important collect all image as a whole
Flag and strength of people
Even image of woman kissing flag
Everything that has Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
Other image and other art
Slogans written on wall
Graffiti drawn on wall
Posters of things that don’t have flag or Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
Wall images other kinds of graffit other kind of plaq art
When you have a body of material
Think about structure
Just on Tunisia 2011
Important image:
What are the things that are going on,
The presence of the flag
Tunsian flag is very powerful
People holding the flag
Sense of love of nation
Other images on regular bases
Images of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
Its against of the rule of one person
Nation being presented against the man
Images of people being involved of drawing
Range of other kind of graffiti
Graffiti on street
And posters
Save each image and date its from
Has to particular date
Find image from 2011
The internet was an important of the Tunisia 2011 uprising, was the fact that everyone can send these images as quickly as they was being formed it became global much more quickly and everyone could get involved much more quickly. Why are those images so powerful? Why was the Internet of good use? And was it used a lot?
Use internet image valid sources.
Look at newspaper articles
Research on blog artist
Some will be in French and Arabic
Which shows that it’s named on an international audience
If it’s English it is a global message
News Paper
Articles and many more….
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