What are the problems associated with gambling, and what are the solutions?

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Requirements: Length: You should write approximately 800 words (+ or ? 10%).
Quotations: There should be at least one direct quotation and some paraphrases in your essay.
You must also: ? Use an appropriate essay structure. ? Don?t use any reference in introduction and conclusion. ? Support points with direct quotations, paraphrases and examples. ? You should use at least on direct quotations (not more than 30 words). ? Use appropriate vocabulary and grammatically accurate language ? Use the APA system of referencing with in-text referencing and a separate list of references. ? Include a minimum of six (6) different reference sources. These can include the journal article that you are given. Dont use more than one (1) website per six reference ? you should write six paragraphs (1 introduction 150 words + 4 bodies paragraph (2 bodies for problems and 2 bodies for solutions) +conclusion 150 words) Assignments Checklist The Introduction ? The essay contains an introduction. ? There is a background statement or statements.

The background statement narrows the topic.
There is a clear thesis statement.
The introduction contains subtopics. Paragraphs
All body paragraphs contain clear topic sentences.
All the sentences in each paragraph relate to the topic sentence.
Paragraphs are logically structured.
Transition/Linking words are used appropriately and correctly.
Paragraphs are not too long. Ideas
The essay demonstrates that the ideas have been analysed.
It is clear where ideas come from (i.e. your sources).
Various ideas have clearly been combined.
The relationships between ideas have been clearly established. discussion/Points ? Quotations are used well.
There are clear paraphrases.
There are (far) fewer quotations used than paraphrases or summaries.
There are appropriate examples used.
There are appropriate explanations, comments and elaborations as needed. The conclusion ? There is a conclusion.
It summarises what the essay says.
The final statement/question ends the essay neatly and powerfully, not abruptly. Vocabulary and Grammar.
The vocabulary is appropriate.
The essay has been checked with a grammar and spelling checker
The essay has also been edited by you and re-edited after spell-checking.
There are no sentence fragments (everything is in complete sentences).
The sentences are all clear and precise. Tone ? Impersonal language is used throughout. ? The tone is academic.
Inclusive language (non-discriminatory) is used throughout. Citations & References
All sources of information are cited in the essay (author, year, page #).
Citation details match the reference list.
Long quotations are single-line spaced.
There is a reference list.
The list is in (surname) a-z order. ? The reference list is single line spaced.
There is one space between each entry.
All entries in the reference list have been cited in the text.
Please follow all instructors which I send especially for introduction. I want a strong back ground sentence in the beginning in general and make narrowing for the topic.For example: 1-Gambling in Australia is a lucrative industry that is worth millions to the economy.This has led to in problem gambling which can effect the individual, their family and wider society. 2- I need this book in my references (DSIMV-Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder. DSM-IV-TR) by the American Psychiatric Association. For instance, according to the DSMIV, pathological gambling is a gambling addiction, is defined as an impulse control disorder where the individual presents recurrent and persistent maladaptive gambling behavior) this part need paraphrase. Also write a subtopic and make it parallel for example :This essay will explain about the health and social impacts caused by problem gambling. It will also describe the potential solutions, such as psychological treatments and support groups.
Paragraph 1
Topic sentence: The major common problem of gambling addiction is it interferes with physical and mental health. A person who displays three of of the following symptoms : preoccupation, withdrawal, loss of control. (I need example for each) can be diagnosed as having a gambling addiction. As a result of these symptoms, individuals who are addicted to gambling experience a lot of stress that can cause health problem e.g: anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, stress.
e.g: forget about maintaining health.
(DSIMV-Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder. DSM-IV-TR) by the American Psychiatric Association.
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What are the problems associated with gambling, and what are the solutions?
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