What Americans are eating


Using the readings in Chapter 10 of Envision Depth, “You Are What You Eat” as well as supplemental research, examine the plight of the next generation. If obesity rates keep rising, the children of the next generation will have a shorter life expectancy than the previous generation and suffer with more health problems.
Here are some topics to consider, but you are in no way limited to these:
What changes can be made to insure your children will live longer, healthier lives? Who is at fault in the rising obesity epidemic? Parents? Media? Schools? Government?
Should state governments enforce mandatory physical education standards in grades K-12?
What can fast food chains do to improve the quality of the food they serve?
Is First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Launch having any effect on the problem of obesity among America’s children?
Your 4-5 page essay will include:
• MLA margins, header, pagination, 12 point font, Times New Roman
• A creative title
• An engaging introductory paragraph that concludes with your focused thesis statement
• A clear organizational pattern
• Transitions between ideas
• 6-8 direct quotes and paraphrases
• Parenthetical citations
• At least 4 sources
• A concluding paragraph that restates your stance and offers new reflection on your thesis
• A Works Cited page