Week 4 Quiz

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Please read through the following questions and based on your week 2 material, highlight or underline the correct answer.  Please submit quiz no later than midnight Sunday.



1)         Which of the following is the smartest way to handle allowance for children and teens?

2)         When you talk to your children about money, you should strive to

3)         Which of the following is the best strategy for bill paying in a family?

4)         What are the consequences of withdrawing money from a 529 plan to pay for expenses not associated with higher education?

5)         An accurate description of a 529 plan is

6)         Which of the following best describes the Federal Direct PLUS loan?

7)         After paying off debt and establishing an emergency fund, your top savings priority should be which of the following?

8)         If your child receives a gift of money, you should


9)         According to Suze, under what circumstances might you consider cosigning a loan for a family member?