Web Systems Engineering- Assignment 2

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The aims of this assessment are to produce a web application using ASP.Net and a MS SQL Server relational database within Visual Studio2013. Familiarisation  with the technologies and development environment will be achieved through lectures, lab completion and personal study.
The implementation of your Web application will be based on extending the existing Medway  College of Engineering application. After careful examination of the data model, you realised  that the initial model need to be updated to reflect the inherent complexity of the business.
The application need to be able to record the grades of the student for each course component. Additionally, the system should hold a list of approved staff qualifications separately. Based on the following requirements, add the appropriate entities to the data model, and include this in your report using MS Visio. Create appropriate tables and constraints to reflect the changes. You need to populate the new tables with at least 5 rows of data.
Create a set of new forms with the following functionalities: ( The names of the forms should be the same on the site map doc)
1. Form to manage staff qualifications with the ability to insert, update and delete information.
2. Form to manage grades by lecturer and administrator with the ability to insert, update and delete information. Appropriate constraints should be put into place so that only authorised personnel are allowed to change grades.
3. Update the navigation system (i.e. tree view and breadcrumbs) to reflect the new forms.
4. Create a new style sheet, whilst ensuring that usability and accessibility issues are preserved.

You have been assigned to produce a set of deliverables outlined below:
Deliverables Marks
1. Conceptual Model:
Review the model based on the new requirements. You are required to use Microsoft Visio. 20%
2. Style sheet:
Create a new style sheet from the scratch. 10%
3. Table creation:
Create the new tables in your website application, and attached them to the existing ApplicationServices database. Populate the table as required. 20%
3. Form creation:
Create all the required forms with the listed functionalities and constraints. Ensure that usability and accessibility issues are taken into consideration. 40%
3. A carefully formatted report in PDF format with a table of content, introduction, main body and conclusion and evaluation. A copy of the full application in zipped format. 10%