Waste-water Treatment

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It is a common practice, particularly in the Western United States, to treat waste-water to a very high level, and then inject it back into ground, where it can be used to replenish the groundwater table. Suppose that you are managing a large water district. A local city council member wants to use secondary treated waste-water instead of tertiary treated waste-water to recharge the groundwater basin. Write a 2-3 page paper in which you: 1) Compare and contrast the secondary water treatment methods to the tertiary water treatment (also known as advanced or final water treatment) methods, in the context of the waste-water treatment process. In your answer, consider that there are multiple secondary water treatment methods and multiple tertiary water treatment methods. 2) Discuss the appropriate uses of reclaimed water. 3) Explain whether you would recommend secondary treatment or tertiary treatment for the groundwater recharge, if this water were to end up being used for drinking. Describe the rationale of your choice.
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