Warranting Theory in Actio

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In class this week (Wednesday), we discussed Joe Walthers Warranting Theory. As you remember, the theory predicts that people are more likely to misrepresent information about themselves in anonymous computer-mediated environments. Additionally, there are clues or warrants that help viewers figure out if those people are not being entirely truthful. Warrants work on a scale from low (less believable) to high (more believable).

Now, we did explore some hypothetical low and high warrants in class, but this has been a somewhat difficult concept for people to grasp in my past classes. So lets spend some more time talking about this low vs. high concept. First, you should explore social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can look at a friends, strangers, or celebritys account. Just select one person for this activity though. It could be Rihanna, Kanye, Angelina Jolie, Will Ferrell, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Russell Wilson, your pastor, a family member, or even a friend its up to you. Although, for this activity, it might be easier to pick someone you know fairly well. Please make sure you DO NOT use someones real name (unless theyre a celebrity).

For your original post Please describe and identify one low warrant and one high warrant from your selected persons social media account. Then, explain why each warrant is low or high. How do you know for sure? Why/why not? Be thorough in your explanation here.

For your responses Then, you should respond to two other classmates original posts. Do their warrant identifications make sense? What similarities do you see between their warrants and the ones you identified? In other words, what do their high warrants and your high warrants share in common? Or not in common? Or, what about the same question for low warrants?