Warehouse Management Systems

Suggested TOPICS for Individual Paper  AS/RS – Automatic Storage/Retrieval Systems  Warehouse Management Systems  Consolidation Warehouse Facilities  Hub and Spoke Networks  Crossdocking …. Or…. Identify a company and profile their Strategy/Value proposition:  A Material Handling company such as: o Rack Frazier, Steel King o Conveyor, AS/RS Dematic o Equipment Crown, Raymond, Toyota, Nissan, Barrett  A Third Party Logistics/ LTL/Consolidation company such as: o Central Freight o Exel o CEVA Logistics o ChemLogix  A Warehouse Management System company such as: o EXE o SAP o Manhattan Associates ASSIGNMENT  Write a 3-5 page paper on the topic of your choice (double spaced, font size 12)  Include a “works cited” section at the end  No Title Page or Table of Contents necessary. I’m more interested in subject matter than format/mechanics of paper.