Visual Basic.Net Programming

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Create a project called Windows Calculator1:

Indicative Contents
• Declares variables used in the program
• Gets the values from user and perform the Arithmetic/Scientific Operations.
• Menu options of Edit/View/Help are optional but would be considered a good programming approach if these are available.
• All mathematical/scientific formulas are working
• Good display/design
• Text over the button is similarly coloured  as in the above picture
• Explanation of code (250 Words

Task Two:

Design a VB form and a database (Access/Sql..etc) to store a database of Books/Authors/Publishers/Year/Category. Your form should be able to:

• Create a new record
• Amend an existing record
• Print a record
• Delete a record

Total Marks- 35

Task Three:

Create a project called Snake Game.

Indicative Contents
Your game should be able to perform.
• Display should show the following:
o Level 1
o Score 0
• Move the player’s object up/down/right/left
• Keep the speeds same
• End the game if hit the boundary
• Increase the score by 1 each time snake hits the ball
• Maximum score is 10
• After reaching maximum score, next level starts (Level 2)
o Next level would have fast speed
o Maximum score is 10 on this level
• Background colour
• Snake colour
• Explanation of code (250 Words)

Total Marks- 35

• Design and develop programs including internet programs deploying visual basic Net applications.

• Implement user interfaces with relation to object orientated programming techniques and use classes and assemblies to make code reusable and extendable.

• Use visual tools ADO.NET objects and basic Structured Query language to access and manipulate data.

• Both line and block comments will make your code more easily understandable