Virtual Organization Project

The website to be made is Barry’s Bug Blaster.

Expand your design document to integrate changes based on instructor feedback.

Update your site to include the simple web form discussed in your design document. Use JavaScript to validate the form contents and display the results of that validation to the user in a popup window.
The individual assignment will involve specifying and designing a simple website of interest to you that is acceptable to your instructor.

Your site should include the following elements when finished:

A solid website plan that shares enough details about the proposed site to sell it to someone who is interested in funding the development of the site. This plan should include the following elements.
Why do you need this site?
Why do your visitors need this site?
Brief description of target audience
General geographic location of audience
Estimate number of people
Estimate average age
Level of familiarity with computers and Internet
Key target audience insight – Most compelling thing you want the audience to think, learn or do as a result of visiting the site
A site map showing the interconnections of the pages of the site. This should include all pages, including the placeholder ones you need for future expansion.
A description of the purpose and functionality of the interactive form your site will have.
A main page with at least two linked pages (3 pages total at a minimum).
Links to relevant outside pages, as needed.
All pages should be attractive, have good color contrast and practice good design principles.
All pages should use appropriate structural elements, such as (but not limited to) headings, paragraphs, tables and lists.
You should have proper web navigation to navigate between the pages on the site.
You must use and create CSS styles beyond the defaults, adjusting them or creating new ones in a manner appropriate to your site.
Include multimedia appropriate to the site. Limit the length of video clips and the size of pictures to keep the required space to a minimum.
You should have a web entry form related to the goal of your site.
A contact form is the most common way to do this, but any other form acceptable to your instructor can be used.
JavaScript should be used to validate the entries into the form, such as whether required fields are filled in or an email is in the proper format (name@site.ext).
The results of this validation should be shown to the user in a popup window.
It is recommended to validate each week’s homepage against the Markup Validation Service on the W3C® website.

You should test your site to validate that it is fully functional and works correctly in multiple browsers.
Use an appropriate folder structure for your site, putting the HTML pages at the top level and other elements (CSS, images, etc.) in appropriate subfolders.

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