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In the first module of this course, you examined historical developments that have influenced health care delivery in the United States. Studying the past is critical for understanding the current health care landscape. In addition, health care administrators and others must pay attention to emerging trends that are likely to influence health care delivery in the future. Although the health care field is complex and rapidly evolving, examining key issues and trends provides a foundation for effectively planning for the future. As a health care administrator, this future-focused orientation can help you contribute to improving health care delivery and health outcomes for the people you serve.

Module 6 (Weeks 10 and 11) Assignment

Current and Future Considerations for Health Care Delivery


Imagine that you are an administrator in a health services organization, and the CEO of your organization asks you to assess and report on developments that are likely to affect the organization’s success. What will you discover as you investigate changes in your community and the broader health care landscape?


In preparation for this Assignment, review your completed Module 3 Assignment, including any feedback you received from your Instructor. Select one organization from that Assignment on which to focus for this Assignment (i.e., imagine that this organization is the one in which you work).

Use the Learning Resources provided in this module, as well as previous modules, and locate additional sources through the Walden Library and credible websites to conduct your research. Use the following questions to guide your investigation:


  • What are the prevalent health concerns in this community?


  • What are the key issues related to cost, quality, and access that affect the organization and the people this organization serves?


  • Which organizations in this area are business competitors and/or which organizations use highly effective practices or strategies that this organization may learn from or adopt?


  • How will demographics and health reform likely impact the organization, as well as the broader community, in the next 5 years?


Next, review the information on business writing included in the Learning Resources. Consider what the central point of your memo should be. For instance, is there a critical challenge the organization is likely to encounter? Does the information you have gathered suggest the need for a particular course of action or a new business direction? If so, use this memo to inform and influence the CEO. If not, share the findings of your research with the assumption that the CEO will use this information as a launching point for future discussions.

The Assignment


Write a 2- to 3-page business memo in which you address:


  • Prevalent health concerns in the community


  • Issues related to cost, quality, and access that affect the organization and the people it serves


  • Organizations in the community that are business competitors and/or from which you can learn highly effective practices or strategies


  • Ways in which changing demographics and health reform will likely affect your organization and the broader community in the next 5 years


Your Assignment must be written in standard edited English. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this module’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate. Refer to the Essential Guide to APA Style for Walden Students to ensure that your in-text citations and reference list are correct. See the rubric for additional requirements related to research and scholarly writing.