Violence and Media

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Thesis Statement Violence and Media –
What are the effects of media violence on our society today? When you watch the news,
even here in my little state of Rhode Island, there isnt a day that goes by without some level of
violence, whether it is murder, a random shooting, robbery, domestic abuse, child abuse. It it
never ending. Nationwide there are mass shootings and violence one cant even imagine is
happening. There are innocent children being shot and murdered in the safety of their schools or
colleges. A day of shopping at the mall or going to the movies without fear is now part of life.
People never know if there could be a gunman lurking in the shadows or maybe some kind of
bomb. What have our lives become? Does anyone think about what they are really doing. Do
they know what is right or wrong? Society is now always on edge, waiting to see what and when
something will happen next. One just hopes that it doesnt happen to them or anyone they know.
Is the constant violence that our society is exposed to in movies blurring the line between
what is make believe that should never happen in reality? What is happening in our world today.
Is there no sense of morality anymore? Violence, greed, drugs, swearing, sex is now the normal
in our movies and television shows. Is this entertainment that now makes a movie a box office
hit making our society numb to the fact that this is wrong? Acts of violence, greed, drugs,
that are acted out in films without consequences are so unreal. Its hard to believe that some of
them could even considered to be real. Yet people act out these acts of violence. This results in
life ending consequences or life long consequences of punishment.