Violation of women's rights in time of Nagorno Karabakh Conflict

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I will download an instruction. Instruction page starts with message to me how to complete summary of the paper and it is only one page and I have to return it by 22nd of October 2015. in that letter actually says what he wants by paragraph.

and then I need outlines due by 25th of October Eastern time
just an outlines

and full research paper by November 20 th. All the instruction are submitted. Later on I will try to find more information on Woman violence and rape during occupation of Azerbaijani land by Armenian forces. Format is also described in description. This paper needs to be done by somebody who graduated from LL.M in US, I need all the facts be sited. Latest on 20th I need it to be ready so I am going to submitted and if he wants any other changes I want you be ready to correct anything needed. I am not sure if he wants double space or single but I know he wants max 5000 word no more than that. Women.s righs violation during armed conflict and specific conflict is Nagorno Karabakh conflict. during the conflict it as a great number of women right violation rape , killing of Azeris when Armenian forces occupied that territory. I want a good paper with analyses parts where you are going to use international treaties which is Azerbaijan and Armenia is a part of.

I did some research and included the websites and I would love you to do more research and find cases where woman suffered violence. please strictly follow instructions.