Vicks Cold and Flu Products (DayQuil/NyQuil)

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Write an annotated bibliography for my Marketing class. It should be about Vicks Cold and Flu Products. Please use reliable sources for collecting the data, such as Simmons OneView data base
Mintel Oxygen
IBISWorld Database

Your boss asks you to prepare a business memo with an attachment – an annotated bibliography of information gathered from a variety of sources (at least 10 sources). For all references, briefly (20-40 words for each reference) explain how and why each reference is useful to your analysis. MEMO (Due date – see class schedule)

The description that follows assumes you are selecting a single, particular competitor brand. Whether you select a single particular competitor or competitors in general, the nature and structure of the assignment is the same.

What is the purpose of this memo? Your boss has asked you for a memo describing your progress and plans for how you will complete the task. In essence, she wants to know what work you’ve completed, what you plan to do and, generally, how you plan to develop your analysis. This is your work plan, not your final recommendations. Thus, one attachment to this memo should be the annotated bibliography, a listing of (at least ten) reference materials to illustrate the types you plan to use in your research (be sure to provide complete citations). Part of the memo might include a timeline for where you are and what will be done and when. Note: No grade will be assigned to this memo. The instructor will review this memo to determine if you are headed in the wrong direction. An ‘approval’ at this stage is not a signal or determination that the report will be “acceptable.” That judgment depends upon the final work.