Using a heterodox school of thought of your choice, please provide a critique of the mainstream economic conception of markets

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The assessment should be written in essay style, and make appropriate use of relevant material, data, charts and diagrams. It will be assessed on the basis of the extent to which the essay:
• Provides a clear outline of the aim and focus of the essay;
• Provides an in-depth consideration of the relevant themes and ideas that are pertinent to the issue under consideration;
• Makes good use of relevant data, charts and diagrams to support the central narrative contained with the essay;
• Provides a critical and analytical discussion of the relevant issues;
• Appropriately references the arguments contained within the essay using a wide range of sources;
• Provides a clear, structured and coherent review and analysis of the relevant issues.
Emphasise that you FIRST need to identify the main ‘vision’ (or basic ‘view’ of the socio-economic world) of your chosen heterodox approach.
SECOND, I’ll suggest you be clear about the role markets play in this ‘vision’.
THIRD, I’ll then say that your chosen vision’s view of markets contains within it a critique of the mainstream/orthodox economics view of markets. It will help your essay writing very much to be sure about what this is.
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