Users, Privileges, and Roles

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Users, Privileges, and Roles
iLab 3: Users, Privileges, and Roles (60 pts.)
Scenario and Summary
MySQL, like many other databases, uses the combination of specific user definitions, privileges, and roles to control access to the data in the database. In turn, it provides various layers of security. When the database is first created, there are several users created for the purpose of not only installing various components of the database, but also to manage and administer the database functionality. You have already used administrative role users in previous labs. In this lab, you will be creating a series of different users, administering various privileges to those users, and exploring how roles help provide additional functionality to the user picture.
It could be achieved in two ways:
1) Using command line to access MySQL directly;
2) Using MySQL Workbench User and Privileges option.
Very important!
Be sure to save all screenshots on Terminal and MySQL Workbench while executing your SQL code when working on the lab.
Grading of the lab assignment will be based on the following.
Part 1: Using Command Line on Terminal
a) Add two new users. Grant super user access to one and read-only access to all tables in the database to the second user (Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3).
To prove the super-user access for User 1, please write query to SELECT, DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE from any created table and show successful results.
To prove the read-only access for User 2, please write query to SELECT, DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE from any created table. SELECT, DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE from any created table (Note: Only SELECT query will be eligible.)
Sample of commands to check access:
Mysql>show databases; – will list database names;
Mysql>use database name; – Access allowed or denied.
Add screenshots to Report.
b) Modify access of the second user by adding update access to Employee table (Step 4). Add screenshots to Report.
To prove the UPDATE privilege, please log in again as User 2 and update COMM column in Employee table.
MYSQL> UPDATE Employee SET COMM = 0.1;
Add screenshots to Report.
Assignment Step
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