Urban problem in a city in California

The purpose of this exercise is to develop evidence for an urban problem in a city in California.

First, identify an urban problem out of many urban problems discussed in this course. Then, go to www.healthycity.org and explore the types of data you have access to on that website. You might want to review the topics covered while you are exploring the available data.

Then, find a city in California in which data shows that there is evidence of the urban problem you have identified. Build the map which shows that evidence.

The urban problem may include but not limited to access to services and parks, prevalence of obesity, poverty and crime rates, lack of affordable housing, and air and water quality.

In 200 words describe the urban problem referencing the Chapter that urban problem was discussed in the textbook. It is important that you give reference to the Chapter with page number <<< Not really Important .

Then, into the word document insert the map you prepared on www.healthycity.org. In order to insert the maps in the word document, when you have map ready in healthycity website (make sure that the legend of the map is visible), press print screen or PrtScn key on your keyboard. Then, switch to the word document and click on paste in the ome tab.

You are allowed to submit one file.