Unmanned Control Systems

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


n this activity, you will develop a response to the following:

For three unmanned systems that employ different operational domains in which the operator does not have continuous contact with the vehicle (ie. Space, air, and ground), discuss the control systems employed for a specific unmanned system in each domain. Provide a discussion of control modes, impact of time delays (latency), and out/loss of contact control methods. Your response should include discussion of:

Control modes employed at various points during operations.M5.jpg
How time delays can impact manual control methods and the source of the time delays.
Components and technologies employed for controlling the unmanned vehicle along with key specifications. Do the strategies employ closed loop or open loop control?
How the vehicle operates during loss of contact. How does the vehicle respond during contingency (off-nominal/fault) modes?
Your response should be at least 5 pages and supported with appropriate reference citations