Understand the impact of Islamic Solidarity Games on elite sport.

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Understand the impact of Islamic Solidarity Games on elite sport.
Clothing and mixing in ganders are the main obstacles for the Muslim elite athletes to participation in the international competitions such as the Olympic Games. Islamic Solidarity Games represent a platform for many Muslim elite athletes to participate in international sports competitions. Also it has its contributing for the athletes to understand the importance of competition at the international level. Its role extends to support and raise the performance of elite athletes and communication between and sports federations in Muslim countries. In contrast, the Islamic Solidarity Games in the mega sport event is a momentum for sport legacy on elite sport.
The research aims to answer an important question which is What is the impact of Islamic Solidarity Games on elite sport?. This will helps in future to understand the impact of any nations or international sports competitions context on concept of elite sport such as commonwealth games, asian games, The Arab Games.
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