UN Global Compact

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This assignment is groups assignment and we need to make it perfectly so i decide to do my part in this website,,I will upload the instruction and you will red it to understand what i want exactly but my part is to write about

Responsibility of business
*human rights issues
*child labour etc
*where and how their products are produced and working condition

You do not need to write introduction or conclusion just write about my part and use Academic reference the write style as report , you can write from 200-280




In a recent interview with Bloomberg (see URL below), Georg Kell, Executive Director with the United Nations Global Compact stated that there was now a strong case for businesses to comply with the Global Compact Guiding Principles as they relate to human rights (in particular Principle 1 and 2, provided at Appendix 1).  However, while the business case for addressing human rights violation is stronger than it used to be, Kell acknowledged that businesses continue to face a number of dilemmas, such as the use of child labour in supply chains and corrupt practices, etc.


  • Form into teams (3 – 5 members) within your seminar class, and provide your tutor withwritten advice (hard copy and email) as to the Name and Student ID number for each team member. A hard copy of the notification to be provided to your tutor in your seminar for week 4 (no exceptions).
  • Each team is to produce a written report/essay – maximum 1,500 words; double spaced typed pages; 12 point font; together with a title page stating the title of for the report, name, student ID and signature for each team member.
  • The report/essay should be properly referenced; have a clear and concise introduction and conclusion.

Guidelines: Content

Each team is required to produce a thoughtful, insightful ‘report’ or essay (the exact form to be decided by the team) to inform the reader about the Global Compact and the issues raised by both the Bloomberg interview and the recent Four Corners Program on Apple referred to in class.  You should presume that the recipient of your report knows nothing about the Global Compact, the issues regarding MNCs and their supply chains, and the human rights dilemmas facing businesses, and is therefore relying on your report to become informed about the business case for human rights.

The following questions are provided as a guide to assist you in thinking through the content for the report and how you might structure the content.  While your report should consider these questions, simply providing a list of answers to the questions will result in a fail grade.

  • What is the Global Compact (GC) and how are multinational corporations (MNCs) impacted by the GC?
  • Is it possible for a company to fully address social responsibility and human rights issues?
  • What are the responsibilities of businesses to understand where and how their products are produced?
  • How far along the supply chain should a company be responsible? How should a company be made accountable for its supply chain?
  • How should businesses respond to consumer concerns about labour rights in relation to their supply chain?
  • What does Kell mean by the “dilemmas” of businesses facing human rights issues? Your discussion should provide an  example of a dilemma and how the business might respond in accordance with the Global Compact Guiding Principles.

Resources (not comprehensive):