Ultra Violet Radiation And The Ozone Layer

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A number of research studies indicate that the exposure of the world’s population to UV radiation has increased in the last few decades. You are a health educator in the public health department of the community where you live. In this assignment, you will implement an education program that aims at protecting the public from the health effects of ultraviolet radiation. In a 2-3 pages paper: 1. Describe the health effects that may result from exposure to UV radiation. 2. Describe the environmental sources of exposure to UV radiation. Include the role of the ozone layer in your discussion. 3. Describe the measures that you will suggest in your community to reduce the public’s exposure to ultraviolet radiation. 4. Describe how you would disseminate this educational information to the public.
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Ultra Violet Radiation And The Ozone Layer
Ultra- Violet Radiation is that part of the sun’s light and energy which causes some adverse effects to human beings if they overexpose themselves to it. It is generally not visible through human naked eyes. It is divided into three categories according to the wavelength and energy emanated by each. There is the near ultra violet (NUV), the extreme ultra violet (EUV) and the far region ultra violet (FUV). These regions are divided depending on how long or how shorter the wavelength is. The shorter the wavelength the greater the damage it causes to the living things on earth. The wavelength is measured in nanometers. The UV-A lies between 320 and 400 nanometers
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