Two essays on Ophthamology Physiology

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I have two assignments in the same unit which I have already completed and submitted. One 2000 words and one 3000 words.

However they need to be rewritten, as they have been returned back as they lack orginatality (turnitin unorignatlity score of 55%) and there are areas of plagiarism which have not been appropraitely referenced or rephrased.

Alot of work has gone into research these assignments. Its about rewriting it (without grossly changing) to make it more orignal and referenced correctly. Maybe a bit more can be reearched to make the essays run smoother and more complete but I think the core of the essays is there.

I do not want you to drastically change my writing style or overhaul the whole essay so it looks drasitically different, but to help the essays run smoother, fix areas of plagiarism and make it more academic standard and complete. You can change areas which are not well written and need work.

I have also included the turnitin report which highlights the plagisrized areas of concern.As well as examples in the assignment 1 which have not been done correctly and an example of an assignment in another topic done well.

There are number of points to be made:
– This essay requires academic style referencing and must avoid any form of Plagiarism.
-References should be included from sources where the articles have been read in full. For example in assignment 2 I have included 70 references, but infact this is to cite the source, I have not read all these articles, so it is wrong how I have done about referencing my assignment here.

I am always available by email if you have questions. I will get back to you straight away.

The quicker you can get it back to me I can review it if it need changes. I have to have it ready by Wednesday latest.

The topics for both assignments are below

assignment 1 topic

“Use physiological principles to explain:

Uhthoffs phenomenon (30%)

the ice-pack test to assess ptosis in ocular myaesthenia gravis (30%)

recurrent corneal erosion syndrome (30%)

10% marks for introduction, clarity and use of references.”

Assignment 2 topic

Electrophysiological tests (ERG, EOG and VEP) are used to investigate retinal disorders.

Explain clearly the underlying retinal neurophysiological processes that underpin the different components of these electrophysiological tests in normal eyes

Note that the thrust of the question is in the second part, don’t get distracted too much by the ‘retinal disorders’ part straight off the bat. You need to talk about the ‘underlying [i.e. normal]’ retinal neurolophysiological processes’ that are measured in each of these. Think about what processes are occurring in the retina and how these are picked up by and illustrated by these different tests. Make sure you focus on the RETINAL processes (e.g. VEPs are measured with electrodes on the occiput – don’t talk too much about the brain, focus on the retinal processing). Try to make clear links between the physiology and what is seen on the test. Once you have talked about the functioning in the normal retina and how this ends up being represented on each of the tests THEN it would be reasonable to have a BRIEF mention of how it might different in retinal disorders. Emphasis on the brief as I would expect it would be important to mostly focus on the normal retinal processing. This would be an opportunity to bring in diagrams of normal vs. abnormal traces from the tests.