Transition to primary school

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The purpose of this assessment is to gain an understanding of transition to school from the primary school perspective.

You are an early childhood teacher at the local community based child care centre, working in the 3-5 year old room. You have recently made a connection with the local primary school about transition to School. You want to share with them information about the NSW Transition to School statements ( and-accreditation/early-childhood-education-care/funding/funding-projects/transition-to- school). The early stage 1 teacher is keen to rethink their current transition to school processes. She has asked you to develop an information resource that she can share at the next staff meeting:

  1. Definition and purpose of transition to school.
  2. Key stakeholders in the transition to school process.
  3. Definition and purpose of the Transition to School statements a. Potential use in the school setting
  4. Identification of a strategy/activity the school could consider implementing in partnership with the school to increase their understanding of each child’s prior knowledge and experiences from the centre that they will bring to school.