Traffic Department In Conjunction With Electronic Governance

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Course: Electronic Governance


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Mark Given for this assignment
Introduction – Outline of the relevance/importance of the chosen     case    
  • Clear explanation about the organization/context
  • What the main issue of the case is
  • (In your own word, not copying from the case)
Explain the linkage of the case to at least ONE of the Electronic Governance topics or issues
  • Explain how the case relates to e-government topic or topics or issues
  • Discuss the way in which the case help understand the above topic and/or issues.



: “ this case relates to the issues of e-government and their impact on service delivery or citizens perceptions ……It highlights some of the problems  that arise when governments introduce changes and enforce them.


Questions and Answers You must attempt all these questions and give precise answers.    


  • Summary/ overview of key issues and arguments
  • Explain what you learnt from this case in terms of relevance of theory and practice




–          You must provide at lease 3 references you have accessed in analysing the case. These can be parts of other books on e-Government or Journal articles

    Language Proficiency


    –          Presentation & structure  (Must have a front page with : Names, Student numbers and Course name + course code


    –          Grammar : Always do a spell check before submitting an assignment and check wording

    • Length: 1500- 2000 words.