Torture in America

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I have to write a paper about Torture and argue about why I think it is not always wrong. I believe that sometimes it is necessary to inflict torture on others to get information that may save someone’s life. I have to use two quotes from articles that we read. The first one is called “Torture can be a Means of Saving Lives” by Mirko Bagaric. The quotes I liked are “Given the choice between inflicting a relatively small level of harm on a wrongdoer and saving an innocent person, it is verging on moral indecency to prefer the interest of the wrongdoer.” and “Lost lives hurt a lot more than bent principles.” The next article is “Torture is Moral When Inflicted for a Greater Good” by Patrick J. Buchanan. I like the quote The morality of any act depends not only on its character, but on th circumstances and motive.” I also need to cite one source from a scholarly cite and one from a news article. Good Thesis Please.