Toolkit for Public Management

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Could you please write an essay about: Melbourne’s 2.00 am lockout
*Please apply the following points in the essay:
1- Apply Moore’s theories of “Creating Public Value”
– What are the costs?
– What are the benefits?
– Has value been added?
– What has been done to minimise costs?
– What has been done to add value?
– What else could have been done to maximise  value?

2- Answer the following questions
– What are the issues? How would you frame them?
– What are the mandates?
– Is there sufficient justification for intervening?
– What process would you have used to develop and implement the policy options?
– Using Moore’s “alternative approach”, how would you have developed the mandates further?
– If you had to implement the preferred option of a 2 am lockout, what strategies and tactics would you have employed?
– What is the public value you are looking to deliver?
– What would you do to contain costs, particularly the costs of using political authority?

*Farther information:
-Please write 3500 words.
-I need 15 references.
-It is for master degree.
-The references should be Harvard style.
-I want it in 4 days.
** I will upload additional files later in my account to explain what i need exactly in my assignment