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English 111 Rutledge Paper 3 – Literary Argument Essay The goal of this assignment is for you to produce an essay that includes an argument about some aspect of the novel Tono-Bungay by H. G. Wells. The essay should use close reading analysis of the novel as well as secondary scholarly works to support the overall argument and use MLA guidelines for formatting and citations. Use the guidelines for developing questions and theses about literature in “The Role of Good Reading” and “The Writing Process” that we have discussed to help you craft your topic and the claim for your thesis. Your paper must have the following:  An introductory paragraph that includes a developed thesis statement wherein you present a claim about the novel that is debatable and significant to our understanding of the novel. Introduce your thesis by establishing why your issue is debatable and significant.  Body paragraphs that contain reasons (main points) that support the claim outlined in your thesis; quotations from the novel and thorough analysis of those quotations; and explanation of how the quotations and analysis support your main point in each paragraph. You should also incorporate quotations from scholarly sources to support your argument about the novel.  A conclusion paragraph that contemplates the significance of your argument for understanding the novel. Audience: Our class is your audience—therefore, your audience has read the novel and does not need plot summary to understand your points about the novel. Format: The paper should be 6-8 pages, should use at least 4 scholarly sources, should use the novel, Tono-Bungay as a primary source, and should be written in correct MLA format using 12pt Times New Roman. Text should be double-spaced, and margins should be 1 inch on all sides. Remember to include your name, instructor’s name, course and section number, and date in the top left corner of page one. Include your last name and page number as the header of each subsequent page in the top right corner. English 111 Rutledge Due Dates:  Pre-writing exercise: Submit to the D2L Dropbox before class and bring a printed copy to class on Tuesday, April 14.  First draft: Submit to the D2L Dropbox before class and bring a printed copy to class on Tuesday, April 21.  Optional: Come to office hours or schedule an appointment to go over feedback on your draft: 4/27-4/30.  Workshops: Come to your scheduled workshop day having read and written comments for all members of your group: o Group C: Thursday, 4/23 o Group B: Tuesday, 4/28 o Group A: Thursday, 4/30  Final draft: Submit final version of Paper 3 to the D2L Dropbox by 11am on Monday, May 4th.