To women’s experiences in the Post-Civil War period through the twentieth century.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Essay Topic and Source Requirements
The essay topic is limited to women’s experiences in the Post-Civil War period through the twentieth century. You will be asked to create an argumentative thesis and use AT LEAST FIVE of the sources below to demonstrate your thesis. At least two sources should be primary sources and at least two sources should be secondary sources. Refer to the source list below. Please note that this is NOT a research paper. You are limited to the sources below. Inclusion of any other source will result in a 0 as your essay grade. 
Choose a topic (within the restrictions above) that you find interesting. You might, for example, write a paper on: Women’s activism (i.e. the woman suffrage movement or second wave feminism); change over time; continuities over time; coalitions and conflicts among women of different classes and ethnicities;  women’s involvement in the workforce; the experiences of immigrant women; etc. Be sure to develop an argumentative thesis. 

Documentation Style
Provide citations for all quotations, paraphrases, summaries, and ideas that are not your own and not common knowledge. If in doubt, provide a citation. For this essay, use Chicago Manual of Style for your citations. See below for citation examples. 

Paper Length, Font, and Other Important Requirements and Instructions
The paper should be from six to eight (6-8) pages (typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1” margins). Number your pages. Include your name at the top of your first page. Center your title at the top of your first page. A title page is not necessary. Include a bibliography that lists your sources alphabetically. List each essay and document title separately

Primary Source Collections from Through Women’s Eyes:
-Documents: Women’s Liberation
-Documents: Women in the Presidential Election of 2008: Clinton, Palin, Obama

Secondary Sources from Through Women’s Eyes, Women’s America, and Women and Social Movements in the United States :
-Rebecca Edwards, “Pioneers at the Polls: Woman Suffrage in the West” (WA) 
-Gaylynn Welch, “The Ballot Box and the National Citizen and Ballot Box, 1876-1881: An Interpretation and Document Archive” (Introduction) (WASM)
-Nancy F. Cott, “Equal Rights and Economic Roles: The Conflict over the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1920s” (WA)