To what degree does Grahn adhere to the genres of poetry and free-verse, and why?

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Your primary task in this short response paper is to write about how the text conforms/adheres to or disregards/violates the genre in question and to what effect and/or purpose. That means that you will have to state what some of the identifying traits of free-verse are (and explain why you have those ideas–maybe cite Perloff or your previous experience reading poetry?). Then identify some of those key features of free-verse in Grahn’s poems (cite passages by giving paraphrases or quotations). Then explain what the effect is–how does the form of the text–it’s free-verse form–affect how you (or a 1970’s audience) receive the messages of the text?
I only need the final draft, because my feedback is horrible. The final has to be based on my previous draft and teacher’s feedback.
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