Through the Sociological Lens: Film Review

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Assignment Task:
Choose one movie/film which plot revolves around a health/medical or health care issue and using it as a case study apply theoretical knowledge to critically analyse it.

The object of this exercise is to provide a critical analysis of the social dimensions of health and illness and the political economy of health care. The basis for the critical analysis should be theories from lecture slides and readings (both are attached).

I have chosen to analyse the theories (and effects) of Ageing (but other health issues may also be spoken about if needed when relating to the film).

So for example there’s positive ageing theory, disengagement theory etc. They are in the lecture slides which will be attached.

I have chosen the film “Bucket list” (2007- with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson) to apply the theories of ageing to. (for example ‘positive ageing theory’).

As an alternative, Disney Pixar’s movie “Up” (2009) may be used. Positive ageing theory and also disengagement theory may be applied to this movie.

You can use either of these movies- whichever ONE you are more familiar with or believe will be best when analysing the theories.

Please no plagiarism.
1500 words minimum (until 1650).
Please use in-text reference (harvard).