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Assignment Requirements

ASSIGNMENT THREE: Presentation (Essay): 1400 words    Worth: 45% Due: 5pm (Australian Western Standard Time) Monday Week 13 Choose ONE Essay Topic from the following options: 1. Much European art from the nineteenth century onwards demonstrates a fascination for the cultural ‘Other’ but is unable to escape a Eurocentric perspective. Please respond to this by answering either 1a) or 1b) below. a) Discuss this idea in relation to Orientalism, analysing three to five artworks in depth to support your argument. OR b) Discuss this idea in relation to Primitivism, analysing three to five artworks in depth to support your argument. 2. The city of Paris became a site of modernity when it was redesigned in the nineteenth century under the supervision of Baron Haussmann. Discuss the representation of ‘modern’ life in French art of the nineteenth century, identifying themes and images which relate to the experience of modernity. Analyse three to five artworks in depth to support your argument.           NOTE: modernity and Modernism are different concepts. 3. Modernism is typified by the rejection of tradition. Discuss this idea through the in depth analysis of three to five European art works from 1860-1935.           NOTE: modernity and Modernism are different concepts. Cite a minimum of 8 different author-based academic sources in text for these assignments. Definition of terms: to discuss is to examine, giving the details and the points for and against. You must develop a logical argument backed by sound evidence (Curtin University, The Learning Centre, 2010). For guidance, please see Curtin University’s The Little Blue Writing Book: Essays via: And see other tips and advice at The Learning Centre via:   ASSESSMENT CRITERIA FOR ESSAYS Literary skills: grammar, spelling, punctuation /10 Clarity/coherence of language and structure /10 Presence of an argument / thesis followed /10 Evidence of reading, research correctly referenced /10 Contextualisation: relevant historical and artistic context for topic and examples /10 Contextualisation of ideas / concepts /10 Ability to identify key issues /10 Depth of analysis /10 Ability to make an informed opinion/Argued position /10 Standard of presentation and images /10 
DVC Education OUA Programs
 VISA1008 VIS18 Historical Issues In Art and Design OUA 21 Aug 2015 OUA Programs, DVC Education Page: 6 of 11 CRICOS Provider Code 00301J The only authoritative version of this Unit Outline is to be found online in OASIS
ESSAY SUBMISSION CHECKLIST Note the following before commencing your essays: l  A SIGNED Coversheet must be page one of your essay document l  Submit your document in MS WORD format (ensure it is unlocked so comments can be added) l  Title your document as follows e.g.  SURNAME_GIVENNAME_VIS18 Essay 1.doc l  Write the essay question at the top of the page on which you begin your assignment l  Number each page l  Font size 11 or 12 in Calibri or Arial. Image captions/citations can be smaller and single spaced l  Use 1.5 line spacing for body text and double spacing between paragraphs l  Paragraphs to be 5 – 10 sentences in length l  Use italics and no quote marks for titles of books, artworks, exhibitions, films and magazines l  Word count to not exceed the set length. This includes direct quotes and footnotes. l  No more than 10% of the total word count to be comprised of direct quotations. l  No text to be directly copied/pasted from any source (unless it is referenced as a direct quote) l  No text to be included that has previously been submitted for another assignment l  In-text citations must be included or assignment cannot be assessed l  At least one in-text citation to be included per paragraph l  In text citations to be in Curtin Chicago Author-date 16th edition referencing style as follows: (Krauss 1993) l  Do not cite from Wikipedia or from unauthored websites in your essays. l  REFERENCE LIST and BIBLIOGRAPHY must be included or assignment cannot be assessed l  Relevant images are part of the assessment criteria and must be considered – images to be presented within the body of the essay, not at the end l  Include and refer to at least 4 relevant images l  Images can be approx. 1⁄4 page in size and no larger than 1/3 of a page l  Present images with Figure #s, captions and correct referencing l  Save a copy of your completed assignment (as a back up) before submitting for assessment l  Check the uploaded assignment in the Drop Box to ensure your file is not corrupt l  Consult with your tutor if you are unsure of any of the above prior to submitting  


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