The Utilization of BNC Corpus in Comparing Two Synonymous Nouns Error and Mistake

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Carry out an analysis by utilizing BNC Corpus in Comparing 
the two synonymous nouns: Error and Mistake.
• Compare the words in terms of their collocations, distributions, and
any other aspects of meaning and use that you consider relevant.
• Compare your findings to the information on your chosen words in
two dictionaries of English: one old (pre-1985) and one new (post-1995),3
• Critically discuss the value of corpus-based approaches for studying word
meaning and use.
It is recommended to use the British National Corpus( BNC ) as the main data for this topic.
• State your aims and research questions
• Describe the methods you use to analyse the data, and (if appropriate) to
design and compile the corpus
• Summarize the main quantitative (statistical) and/or qualitative tendencies;
you may include tables, charts, or both, but do not rely on these as a
substitute for discussion. Also include some example sentences and phrases
from the corpus, with comments (for example, sentences that illustrate typical
or unusual aspects of usage of a word)
• Use a good range of references from the corpus linguistics literature
• Evaluate the usefulness of the corpus methodology
• Give a word count at the end of the essay, just above the list of references.